Thursday, February 22, 2007

The San Juan EDC and TGTG Films, LLC....An Important Message From Creative Director Mando Alvarado...

On February 27th, an important step will be taken in our fledgling film company, Those Guys and That Girl Films, LLC. We have the opportunity, by the generosity of the EDC of San Juan, of securing a tax and business incentive package for our new film, 7 Tales of Desperation to be shot in the city of San Juan, TX. We will meet with San Juan City Commission to discuss and promote the passing of support for this incentives package. First off, I am extremely excited about this opportunity. The idea of coming to the Valley to film a movie in my hometown area, it's a blessing and deep rooted dream that is becoming a reality.Why film in the Valley, in San Juan? It's what I know. Living in NYC, I've met thousands of people. And yet, none of them can hold a candle to the honesty, sincerity, support, love and down right Mexican food that the Valley can offer. But that's not the only reason. How I grew up, how I live my life is rooted in Valley ethics, Valley morality, and Valley integrity. I have a civic pride that continues to support who I am who I want the world to see. My art reflects that. I have, we have, TGTG Films, have a stake in the growth of San Juan, and the entire Rio Grande Valley. What I've come to realize and what is constantly said in NYC, in order for a city to be recognized as an up and coming metropolitan, three things need to be in place: 1) Art/ Entertainment 2) Quality of Life 3)Scholarship. A city must have arts/ entertainment outlet, a great place to live with sound neighborhoods and the means to educate its citizens. I'm not a builder nor am I a professor, I'm an writer/actor. And the way that I can contribute to the growth of the region is by the art I create and the exposure that comes from that art. I want to let the world know about the people, the life of San Juan, Pharr, McAllen, Alamo - my stomping grounds. Now you're probably wondering who I am and who we are. Here is a little bio on us:
THOSE GUYS AND THAT GIRL FILMS aims to expose a greater audience to positive Latino role models and help to influence the field of Latino film making.
Mission Statement
To develop and produce groundbreaking films that investigate and portray the Latino experience as influenced by American culture.
THOSE GUYS AND THAT GIRL FILMS, LLC is a newly formed, minority owned, Texas corporation established in June 2005.
Our principal purpose is the development and production of Latino-themed films as well as the showcasing of Latino actors in primary roles. Over the next six years, THOSE GUYS AND THAT GIRL FILMS, LLC plans to produce three independently-financed feature films. During recent years, the film market has become increasingly open to more stories that deal with ethnic themes. Latino themed films have led the way and proved that there is a profitable and committed market. We feel that the time is right and that the window of opportunity is open for low- to medium budget motion pictures.
The core values of Those Guys and That Girl Films are as follows: 1. To create complex, non-stereo-typical characters through innovative story telling
2. To maintain artistic integrity while remaining fiscally responsible
3. To cultivate a target audience that will also prove to be profitable for the Company as well as for our financial partners.

THOSE GUYS AND THAT GIRL FILMS, LLC is managed by Mando Alvarado, Michael Ray Escamilla, René Garza and Abby Paige Fenton, who together bring over 25 years of entertainment expertise. The team is complemented by a support group of key consultants and advisors who are available on an as-needed basis. The expertise provided by the company and its advisors contributes to every aspect of the motion picture business – development, marketing, pre-production, production, post-production, legal, sound, directing and editing.Again, we would love the support. Please spread the word about our company. And our hopes and desires to film in San Juan.You can help by joining us at the official meeting of the San Juan City Commission on TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 27th. The meeting will be held at the Fire Station #2 on 2301 North Raul Longoria Road . This is North of the Expressway and North of Sioux Road. The meeting will begin promptly at 6:00 PM.or visit our website at www.tgtgfilms.comThank You
Mando AlvaradoCreative Director