Tuesday, December 19, 2006

More reactions for the Iraq Study Group Report...

Continuing reactions of the Iraq Study Group Report, Ignacio Almaguer shares his views:
"As far as the Iraq Study Group Report is concerned, we should not hold our breath if we think that the president will make any concrete decisions in reference to the findings presented to him. The president has shown that he is stubborn and has said that he has made only one mistake in his presidency.
The Iraq War, in the current president's eyes, can be won, but everything he has done in his administration has led this war to a complete failure. In the report, there is a section that states,
'Our embassy of 1000 has 33 Arabic speakers, just six of whom are at the level of fluency. In a conflict that demands effective and efficient communication with Iraqis, we are often at a disadvantage.'
This is how America treats Iraq--forget your culture and language since the only thing you will need nowadays is the English language and an American Ideaology. As long as the Administration keeps lying to themselves saying that they are freeing the citizens of Iraq from a savage like Saddam Hussein, they will never get the point. Don't get me wrong, I think Saddam Hussein was an evil bastard, but people were not dying by the thousands every month. That would have been called genocide, or even civil war, but the US doesn't dare call it what it is. Let's face it, Iraq is a mess and we have a president who will not listen to reason. Let's all hope that this shift in power somehow sobers these bureaucratic fat cats in Washington from their drunken stupor."--Ignacio Almaguer
Ignacio Almaguer is a community activist based in San Juan, Texas. He is president of the local school board watchdog group Grupo PODER, and a member of the community watchdog group The SanJuanistas. He currently serves on the San Juan Housing Authority Board, and the San Juan Economic Development Corporation (EDC).


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