Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Non-Political Links..."Signs, signs, Everywhere There's Signs"

Just a quick post to let everybody know what's going on with the sidebar here at RGV Politics Re-Visited. I have divided the political web sites from the non-political web sites. The non-political links are just that-web sites that have no political affiliation or content whatsoever. And here comes the big DISCLAIMER: THE PEOPLE WHO RUN THESE SITES DO NOT NECESSARILY CONDONE OR ENDORSE THE CONTENT OF RGV POLITICS OR RGV POLITICS RE-VISITED, THEY ARE UP THERE BECAUSE I EITHER KNOW THEM PERSONALLY AND DIG WHAT THEY'RE UP TO, OR I FIND THE CONTENT ON THEIR WEB PAGE INTERESTING (YOU MIGHT TOO, SO DO YOURSELF A FAVOR AND CHECK THEM OUT). Okay, that's it for now-Watch your backs, and beware of the air you breathe, for San Juan is becoming Strayhorn Country. Good luck to us all...

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Poetry Writing..."KUM-BA-YA, My Lord"...Strayhorn's Insensitive Side

"'Tis all the grieving man has left in his life-laughter"
There's a poem in that somewhere, and I was working on doing just that this morning when I got what we the internet saavy refer to as "IM'D" by Shaine Mata from RGV Life. It was a quick chat as he was off to Edinburg to visit Rep. Aaron Pena's office, but we touched upon this coming election and the fact that I am at a stalemate when it comes to who I think I should vote for Governor of our Great State of Texas. He mentioned that he would vote for the person who would best serve the needs of the people, and not anyone from any particular party. Which is the smart thing to do, I know, and agreed telling him that pledging an allegiance to any party in this day and age is about as smart as eating rusted nails.
Which crossed my mind this past weekend when I read the news out of Austin that Chris Bell and a handful of supporters took to the streets surrounding the Capital, chanting about Dem.'s taking back the State. Which strikes me to be about effective as if they'd taken to the streets singing 'Kum-Ba-Ya' and roasting marshmallows while telling ghost stories. There is a campaign to run. I don't know if Chris Bell realizes this, but he'd better start spending his time getting the word out to people across the state, or the next thing he'll be chanting is "Nobody knows the trouble I've seen."
He's gaining at the polls, hovering somewhere around 15% behind Strayhorn's 18, and Perry's 38, courtesy of the Dallas Morning News poll. Which doesn't say much for his snails pace style of dealing with things. At this rate, Perry should have the governorship wrapped up by the end of the week, two weeks or so ahead of schedule. What happened? And is it realistic to blame the low numbers on the Independents hanging in the mix like vultures on a final feeding frenzy waiting to snip, and tear at our dreams while Perry stands victoriously roaring on the steps of the Capital like a mad scientist out of a B-movie production like "It Came, It Saw, It Dug It's Claws on the Fringes of Our Dreams" or "Geek From Hell Says He'll Stay A While Longer."?
Christ, the only viable candidate that looks like she would be giving Perry a run for his money is Carole Keeton Strayhorn. Yeah, that's right-Grandma. That pseudo-Republican with a confused political soul which causes her distress every time she feels thinking against the grain might gain her some votes. Which is why she ran as an Independent in the first place. The idea had more to do with her not even coming close to winning a primary against an incumbent backed by big business and special interest groups. She knew she pissed a lot of people off with her criticism of her former boss, and how he ran things, despite being the one that first introduced some of his agendas in the first place-**COUGH**TOLL ROADS**COUGH** My goodness, winter has arrived, huh? Excuse me, ugh, let me...okay.
And the thing that really bothers me is her intentions of sending the Texas Rangers to the border to provide extra manpower to Border Security. Perry has webcams, Kinky wants the National Guard, and, we'll come back to that. But none of these candidates come close to the insensitivities with which Strayhorn apparently possesses. Sending the Texas Rangers to the border region to enforce the law is about as stupid as sending The Son's of the Confederacy to aid in rebuilding New Orleans poverty stricken ghettos after Hurricane Katrina. Thanks, but no thanks. History is a hard thing to forget, especially when it involves blood, and unnecessary violence against the "Messcan's" or "Greasers" who may or may not have broken the white man's laws at the time, some century and a half ago. I still shudder to think that there are those in South Texas willing to follow her to the polls on Election Day without thinking things through.
About the only things working for Strayhorn is an inept Democratic candidate with no real sense on how to run a statewide campaign, and a political veteran's no-nonsense approach to talking brass tax with the Austin elite. Which there is something to be said for that, I'll concede, but not to the point of buying into her "I'm Grandma, and I want to shake things up". Whoa, keep your hips to yourself, Grandma, there are still some of us "Messcan's" on the border who prefer the cumbia.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

The Chris Bell/Kinky Friedman Problem...Lost Logic in the Democratic Party, and the People...

(A caveat: I have always been a liberal, voted Democratic since I turned legal voting age. But lately, it seems there's been a certain amount of apprehension once I get to the polls. This same apprehension is what I credit the thousands of Independent supporters are feeling as well. People, the smart ones anyway, are tired of sub-par candidates and politicians who are out there keeping the Democratic Party from taking control again. The people want a candidate who once in office will be a no-nonsense maverick ensuring that the people's best interests are taken care of. Save for Robert Kennedy, Jr., or Al Gore, I don't see much of that in today's Democrat. What I see are a bunch of tired buffoons whose only weapons of attacking and denouncing the ruling GOP and their ideals boil down to name calling, and a I-wouldn't-do-that-if-I-were-in-office rhetoric. It's tiring to see them answer questions about say-illegal immigration. What would you do, candidate? "Well,, well, we must first take a strong stance against, let the people always, of course...because see..." Come on. How about someone who is going to take a strong stance against an important issue and dig his or her heels in when faced with party opposition. What's your stance on illegal immigration, candidate? "We're going to give the nearly twelve million illegal immigrants in this country temporary residency based on their record here in the States. We will impose strict tax hikes on businesses who continue to hire illegal workers. And will implement a guest worker program, in conjunction with the country of Mexico as long as they're willing to do their part in improving their own economy." But, candidate, doesn't that boil down to amnesty? "You're damned right it does. So What! It's the only plan that can realistically work. Any other plan requires too much dilly-dallying around the subject. A responsible government takes immediate, responsible action now. If Congress isn't with me on this, screw them, I'll veto everything they pass along my way until this gets resolved." Jesus, I've gone off on a tangent. Let me just conclude this caveat by saying that we need a stronger pool of Democratic candidates if we're going to be able to fend off stubborn Independents, and take control of this State, and Country again.)
My original intent was to write a long, drawn out post as to the dozen reasons why I feel Kinky Friedman should drop out of the race for Texas Governor. After about five re-writes, I realized I couldn't keep a straight face about it. At least not for the reasons Chris Bell is asking Kinky to step down, and not for the reasons Kinky thinks he's being asked to step down. It goes much deeper for me. There is a larger picture that needs to be addressed here.
According to a poll by the Dallas Morning News, Chris Bell is at a dismal 39% in the polls. At this point it makes Bell look like a talentless football team that got lucky for the majority of four quarters but have awakened a sleeping giant, and are now trying desperately to keep the ship from sinking. Running every 'hail, mary' play in the books. He is as ineffective as the Houston Texans on a Sunday afternoon, and just as likely to screw up any chance of winning before they even take the field. If the poor man hasn't blown it already.
Bell represents what is wrong with the Democratic Party as a whole in this country. They talk a big game against the ruling Party, but seldom offer any true solutions for our State. Problems that lay far beneath the political surface of many a campaign platform. His solutions read like an excerpt from An Idiot's Guide to Running a Mediocre Campaign, or Why the Weasels Will Keep On Winning-A Loser's Story.
Beyond that, what will inevitably haunt this John-Boy from The Waltons turned political heel for the Democratic Party is a cigar chomping, black clad, self proclaimed 'Jewish Cowboy' with all the stubborness and egotistical drive of Ross Perot and Ralph Nader combined. And though Kinky Friedman balks at the term, he is by all accounts and will have the Texas History books remember him as a spoiler. Nothing more, and nothing less. Despite the political platform against corrupt politics that he preaches with a fire and brimstone sermon, or the thousands of overzealous supporters that are buying into it. If Kinky does not cash in his chips and call it a night, he will take down every hope and flicker of light down this dark tunnel of a Republican run Texas with him in November, spelling certain doom for anyone with half a brain who realized how close we had come to making damned sure that wart of a Texas Governor would not slither his sneaky little head into elected office again.
The big picture is this: These two candidates have screwed up any chance of taking control and giving back to the people for at the very least another four years. Four more years! Four more years!
Chris Bell must have known this all too well when he was one of us, once upon a time. But that time has long since passed. He will stand on that cold November day, a monument to the complacency that has become the Democratic Party ethic, and M.O. A legion of dunces with no clue as to what the people really want, and need out of a viable candidate. And no real candidate with the cojones to take things back for us.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Must Read Article at Common Dreams.Org

A good friend of mine from Austin emailed an article to me yesterday. The article is titled "Coverage of 'School Shootings' Avoid the Central Issue" by Jackson Katz. To read it follow this link to I'm currently working on a post that deals with Chris Bell's calling for Kinky Friedman to drop out from the Governor's Race. Should be up by tomorrow morning, until then take the time to read this important article regarding a serious issue. Thanks to Cesar Alvarado for the email...

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Matt Taibbi...An Outsider's View that got it right...

"This is the way government runs in George W. Bush's America: You borrow as much money as you can, skillfully privatizing the proceeds, only making sure it's the public's signature on the loan application. It's Enron-think, where the deal itself, not it's long-term implications, is what's important"-Matt Taibbi in his article for Rolling Stone Magazine (RS 1007) titled "Jailhouse Nation" which profiles Willacy County's $60 million Detention Center in Raymondville, Texas.
Damn, if that wasn't one of the best articles about Valley politics I've read in a long time-if ever. It's an excerpt from an article from a journalist by the name of Matt Taibbi. Dubbed the successor to Hunter S. Thompon's style of Gonzo Journalism, Taibbi had done in his article what many local journalists don't have in their hearts, or minds to do. Cover the story, hit 'em hard, and don't take any crap from any elected official who tries to spin his or her policies in such a way as to have the citizen's believe what they do is in the best interests of everybody.
That's reporting. That's telling it like it is.
Matt Taibbi has a blog over at a website titled "The Smirking Chimp." If as a reader, you enjoy material presented in a way that's a little offbeat to the status quo of most major media outlets, do yourself a favor and read Matt Taibbi's work. I've become an avid reader of his articles in Rolling Stone magazine since his coverage of the 2004 Presidential Campaign. The subsequent book titled, "Spanking the Donkey" was a purchase I put off for too long. Now, the only place I can find it is the internet, and I'm not too big on making purchases over this type of medium. So if anybody sees it at Barnes & Noble or Hasting's, drop me a line via the comments section. I'd appreciate it.

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